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26th of april


Reutte – Vils – Pfronten- Tannheimertal

5.36H / 83km/ 790hm

Start directly from the Tannenhof in the direction of Vils, Wertach, Tanheimertal, Gaichtpass

A short pit stop in Bavaria - even in his youth Thomas was always drawn to the Allgäu, here you could roll the best and who is your strongest training partner? The wind! Highlights on the tour the most beautiful high valley in Europe. We would stop at the Hofbräuhaus in Tannheim or for a piece of cake at Klimbim.

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welcome to Tannenhof

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We are eager to hear your stories, share tips, help where we can to make your vacation unforgettable. Come as strangers, go as friends. Not always easy, because time is always short even on vacation and there is a range you want to experience. We look forward to getting to know you.
Hinterbichl 12
6610 Waengle / Reutte
6600 Lechaschau, Austria
Tel: +43 5672 638 02
E-Mail info@tannenhof-reutte.at

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