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winterwonderland in the alps

Everything is white, the icicles are dripping from the roof, the snow is glistening, this time of year is often the most beautiful of the year.

Just as the good old summer resort awakens feelings and brings up memories, winter is also cliché-ridden. Ski instructors with tanned skin, red - white red suits and caps, a distinctive dialect that not every ski student understands. An après ski Schnapserl, wooden skis and yodel hat.
Our winters are no longer that safe as they were. Even if some ski icons still talk about the good old days on a gondola ride. At the Tannenhof winter vacation, the first priority is nature, tranquility and snow. The nature park region has deliberately renounced masses in winter, after all, we are a nature park, not a mass tourism resort. You can ski enough, many small ski areas are lined up and with the mountain worlds on the Hahnenkamm nothing stands in the way of the experienced skier.
The proximity to the Zugspitzarena makes it possible that also snowboarders get their money's worth and families find their happiness in Ehrwald or Berwang.
Warth and the wellknown Arlberg
In one hour in the largest contiguous ski area in Austria. Unfortunately, we lack the time to visit this area more often. But Warth - Schröcken is located at the end of the Lech Valley and is connected to the Arlberg area. That means without traffic jams into the skiing fun.
What else if not the 2 boards in the foreground of winter? - Winter hiking is really something distinctive. It crunches under your feet, if you take part in snowshoe hiking, you get to areas where the red deer like to retreat.
Those who are then still addicted to ski mountaineering are in a winter eldorado. The Lechtal is a winner when it comes to off-piste touring.
crosscountry skiing
Cross-country skiing is becoming the new winter sport, just as the bicycle is experiencing its boom in the summer. Cross-country skiing comes more and more into focus. The region has not slept on this, right in the next village shines the new biathlon facility, not only for professionals, but also for those who want to become one. The nature park region of Reutte is known for its excellently groomed cross-country ski trails in secluded natural surroundings. Many of the trails run along the Lech River, an unspoiled winter idyll around the last wild river north of the Alps. When enjoying cross-country skiing in this still pristine natural landscape, not only the body recovers; the soul also benefits from the almost meditative tranquility that can be felt in this region.
You can also change the region without any problems. We do that often and with pleasure. Around the Zugspitze opens up a different panorama, 110km of skating and classic cross-country skiing are freshly drawn into the snow here every day.
What you should not lose sight of and is more than known among cross-country skiers is the Tannheimertal. Snow is guaranteed due to the location and years of experience. The runner has here truly 190km of trail under his boards. The Skitrail is the bike marathon in winter. Athletes come from near and far to compete.

sometimes pictures say
more than words
welcome to Tannenhof

summer in the mountains

The good old summer retreat revisited.
The Tannenhof is located where we have all dreamed of being. Because this is exactly where it is at home, the idyllic simplicity. For some it means a full activity program. And for others, to indulge in idleness. Between the enchanted Frauenwald forest and the wildly rushing Lech river, breathtaking mountain scenery and crystal-clear alpine lakes on the most beautiful panoramic terrace in the Tyrolean Außerfern region, just about anything is possible here!
waterworld - splish splash I was taking a...
What do you do in Tyrol during your summer vacation? Sure you go hiking, you climb, you biket. Or you change the terrain and go sailing, surfing, fishing, rowing and swimming you just have to decide in which lake you want to jump: We have lakes! Not just any lakes, some are the coldest in Tyrol, the others but tip - top for swimming. Which we tell you of course right after breakfast. The lakes have become the selfie hotspots of the new generation. Who would have thought that.
SUP padeling - graveling on water
And suddenly everything rides on the water, whether large or small. Meanwhile, the boards are no longer an exotic on the water. There are rental stations at almost all lakes. Absolutely try it out, it is really fun and a good Stabi - training!
hiking - also without shoes
What else do you do? Hiking! We have to recommend the Lechweg to you, more for women? Not really. It is the long-distance hiking trail of our lifeline, the Lech. As a Lechweg partner, we would like to recommend the 120 km long long-distance hiking trail to you. Make your way from the source to the fall. We are your perfect accommodation for the sections WEISSENBACH - FÜSSEN.

Now we can still dive into the different facets, climbing, mountaineering, mountain running, summiting. That is actually all possible. Whether we are the non plus ultra and the top region for it every time? I think not. But we can find 2 - 3 tours for all the mountain passions, which still take the spit out of the die-hard mountain sports enthusiasts. Over 400 km of hiking trails are available to all guests.
If it is to go very high, the mountain passion in person is Jörg Brejcha, a mountain guide and instructor in perfection. We can book him for you at any time.
mountains are calling
When the senses go into overdrive because it smells of fresh grass and forest floor, when the birds chirp in competition and the days ripple along as merrily as the spring water, then it's summer in the Außerfern.
To cover the summer resort clichés: Alms and huts, there are countless, consider the Lechtal, the Tannheimertal and the Zugspitzarena are our neighboring regions. A single walking stick will not be enough to attach all the badges that you can collect in these 4 regions. The photo album will be filled with pictures of green alpine meadows, cows with and without horns, chamois, river newts and funny men with beard and brick organ.
bike, gravel, roll on the road
biking all day long - we ask Thomas and ask for a short version of his wife. Gravel, you can gravel with us, it is the most varied region of Austria and especially the gravel richest region. Road cycling ingenious, even the Tannheimer Radmarathon, the Austria Rundfahrt, the Imster Radmarathon have already rolled past the Tannenhof. Yes, and if it weren't for the mountain bike - you're not allowed to ride everywhere, some paths are meant for hikers. But where there is the widest view, the best alpine snack and the coolest beer with the funniest innkeeper, there is the bike club Reutte and Thomas to find. Tips are again at and after breakfast or at the after-work beer on the terrace.

sometimes pictures say
more than words
welcome to Tannenhof

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