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A lot revolves around the topic of bicycles at Tannenhof. But not everything. Even more, our guests are the center in Tannenhof. It is about fulfilling wishes and ideas. We want to be wish fulfillers. At Tannenhof, people who appreciate the peace and quietness, who consciously perceive nature and see quality time as the primary vacation goal will feel comfortable.
For us it is important that everyone is welcome and can let go. So much hustle and bustle, so much of "higher - faster - further" drives us in everyday life. We would be happy if the Tannenhof becomes your place of rest. Where you do those things that you like and do you good.
I myself tend to come home from vacation more tired than when I left. Most of the time there are so many things to do, to experience, to visit, that I forget to catch my breath and come to rest. The region around the Tannenhof offers a lot of possibilities to fill up the day, we recommend to find the balance of experiencing and resting. Less is usually more.
familytime - qualitytime
5 apartments are specially designed for families. Separate sleeping niches, children's books and games, the playground outside the door and never fear cars, there is no traffic in Hinterbichl. We ourselves really appreciate the time as a family. Enjoy it! The munchkins are growing up so fast! So far, many families have already found a second home at Tannenhof.
With the different room options, nothing stands in the way of a "family - gettogether". Pack your grandma, grandpa and aunt from America and spend unforgettable days at the Tannenhof.

Ride life balance
With the Ride - Life Balance, even the sporty moms and dads get everything under one hat. The training, the family time, the work brought along on the laptop. It's all a question of scheduling, the Tannenhof does the rest.
The training is best postponed to the early morning hours, when everything is still fast asleep and the sunrise at Feuerköpfle is breathtaking. Breakfast is ready afterwards at the buffet and nothing stands in the way of the family outing.

The afternoon we fill with terrace, playground and good reading, a little work on the computer. The evening ends with a good glass of wine, nice conversations or a relaxation session in the gym.
Restingtime place
The boys were both in the nursery as toddlers, here there was a rest period after lunch. This word already irritated me back then. Coming to rest is not my strength, so the place in Hinterbichl does me good. Here, where the Tannenhof stands, there is peace, silence, sometimes you really don't hear anything. As you grow older, you learn how valuable silence is. From the bottom of my heart I share this peace with all Tannenhof guests. Look forward to a standby in the head cinema, a lingering, a special peace that the environment radiates.

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Wir sind gespannt auf eure Geschichten, geben gerne Tipps weiter, helfen wo wir können um einen unvergesslichen Urlaub zu ermöglichen. Kommen als Fremde, gehen als Freunde. Ein Slogan der nicht einfach zu erfüllen ist. Wir geben unser Bestes! Wir freuen uns darauf Dich kennen zu lernen. Thomas und Victoria 
Hinterbichl 12
6610 Waengle / Reutte
6600 Lechaschau, Austria
Tel: +43 5672 638 02
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