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I love traveling, being a free spirit, the ocean and the vastness as much as the real Tyrol, nature and pleasure. If you had to find a synonym for my husband Thomas, it would be a bicycle. Fond of details, he can get excited about old and new bicycles. He never runs out of stories, people love him for his passion.
NEW & OLD meet again and again in the Tannenhof, in the alpine vintage design as well as in the bicycles hanging on the wall here and there. They are all beautiful in our eyes, the rooms and apartments. Special favorite pieces were freshly refurbished, the solid wood chairs from the old guest room new and colorfully painted, I could not part with it. Solid, natural wood, handmade tiles and harmonious colors set the tone. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Ich sammle Antiquitäten, ich liebe die Geschichten dazu, hier verstehen wir uns blind. Die Sammlerleidenschaft von Thomas bezieht sich, auf wie soll es anders sein das Fahrrad. 2 der serviced Appartements führen seine Handschrift. Eines für Weltmeister das andere für alle die einmal Bahnradluft geschnuppert haben. Sein absolutes Lieblingszimmer ist und bleibt das Mountainbike – Doppelzimmer. Könnte er eine Zeitmaschine betätigen wäre er mit Joe Breeze und Tom Ritchey den Mount Tamalpais in den 70iger Jahren auf den ersten Mountainbikes der Welt ins Tal geschossen.
how it all started
The story of our life, in a few words. But you sure could write a book about us.

My grandparents Johanna and Josef Foidl had already bought the Tannenhof in the 1950s. Room by room, they renovated the old farmhouse with a lot of entrepreneurial spirit and were thus able to rent out the first apartments to local families in 1962. When tourism discovered our dreamy region at the end of the 60s, the Tannenhof was transformed into a bed and breakfast. 30 guest rooms were "quite something" in those days and the house was run by my grandmother with warmth and pride.
As a guesthouse kid, you're always in the middle of the action. That's why some people want to do something completely different later on. My father Nikolaus, on the other hand, stayed at home in the restaurant business - in kitchens all over the world. After completing his apprenticeship as a chef and confectioner, he was drawn to ships, renowned restaurants and long journeys. Only the Canadian exchange student Stephnie, my mother, was able to persuade him to stay at home. Years of travel together in tourism and gastronomy followed until the two of them started a family near Frankfurt.
The next years my parents supported grandma and grandpa from afar and the Tannenhof became the favorite vacation domicile for me and my two sisters. Because the number of guests grew in addition to our own family, we had to rebuild again. In 1982 the house was enlarged by a whole wing with 20 new rooms.
In 1989 we finally moved to Tyrol. There, where I had somehow always been at home. My parents ran the Tannenhof as a hotel and the cooking was at its best. Of course, it didn't take long until the next change - in 1995, the Tannenhof was renovated from the ground up and redesigned once again.
So daring to try something new is in our blood. My family has always been attentive to how times change and what our guests want. In 2014 it was that time again. As the new "Tannenhof hostess", I took over the family business and turned it upside down. Because every generation invents its own Tannenhof ...
we would like to introduce us
A colorful bunch of creative minds, who love each other and sometimes quarrel, who can mostly with each other but never without each other.

In the Tannenhof you meet 2 rabbits and their proud owner Philip, the youngest Tannenhof offspring. He is the one with the many curls, who you often see working. His big brother David is not hard to recognize, usually a ball in his hand and not too often at home anymore. The big wide world calls for him more and more. Grandma and Grandpa can be found at the Tannenhof almost any time of day or night. All the work that has to be done quietly and that we boys don't always see or want to see is done with routine. And we young at heart are Victoria & Thomas, you to find at the reception or with the guests, He on the bike, repairing a bike or engrossed in a bike story.
look forward to
Because individuality and community are the central themes in our lives, they also form an exciting combination at Tannenhof.

We also sometimes go on vacation, in my eyes far too rarely. There are so many places that you should have seen. Some things are very important to us when we travel, for this reason we have set them as cornerstones for our apartment hotel.
where you make your bed
I need space, especially when we are all together on the road. At Tannenhof families will find 5 apartments adapted to the needs of traveling with children. Separate sleeping niches, changing tables, cribs, playground, high chairs, children's dishes, children's books and toys. We cover some things that do not need to be in the roof box or trunk.

If there are only two of us, everything is not so tragic. Dive in alone, enjoy togetherness and make the stopover pleasant. Other priorities count there. A good glass of wine, reading a book on the terrace, the right restaurant recommendation. There are plenty of books at the Tannenhof, the self-service refrigerator is open 24 hours a day, and the terrace is amazing.

Travel with the girls or Thomas with the men. That's another story. We women usually end up after long deliberations with the next city trip or a pleasure wellness trip. What do we need, double room, single room, breakfast and off we go. This is also possible at the Tannenhof. Ladies only are welcome. When hiking, in the bike camp or simply to take a breath, refuel and become clear in the head again. The men tick there similarly, look forward then still additionally to the well filled beer fridge and the Einkehripp after the sporty challenge.
breakfast buffet
or stay in your piyamas all day

We love to have breakfast, we don't need much, but it has to be good. Breakfast at the Tannenhof can be booked at any time. We try to fulfill many wishes on our buffet from 7:30 - 10:00am, but we resist an overabundance of everything that the food industry gives. The jams we make ourselves, the muesli comes from Upper Austria, the company MÜSLIBÄR is our partner in the matter of sugar-free muesli. The dairy products are from Tyrol. The local baker bakes the bread for us.
environmentally conscious
We are certainly not super green. We are certainly sometimes too comfortable for that. We do, however, attach a lot of importance to waste separation and environmentally friendly cleaning products. We have found the perfect partner in terms of showers and co. with "STOP THE WATER", a wonderful smelling shower series, can also be purchased in the store.
you should never be hungry
Philip loves his piece of cake, David needs meals, grandpa is always hungry, grandma tries sometimes here sometimes there. We don't like to be bound to fixed meal times. The Tannenhof doesn't have its own restaurant, maybe again in a few years when Philip has pursued his idea of becoming a chef. Until then, we are happy to share our restaurant tips and favorite places. If the weather is nice, our barbecue area can be reserved. A large fire bowl also invites you just to grill sausages. The barbecues can also be rented at short notice.
bike - love
What is most important to a man who takes a bike into the bedroom if he could? Of course, a lockable bike room, a washing station, a small workshop, a bike rental in the house, a sauna to warm up, a workout room with Wahookickerstation for bad days, a good coffee and the appropriate Cyclelektüre. To all the bike cracks out there, Thomas has realized in the Tannenhof, all this is available.
peace and silence
good for the head cinema

Oh how I love it when it's quiet as a mouse. The Tannenhof is at the end of an access road, here say good night to fox and rabbit. Rather alpaca and deer, the fox our rabbits do not like, the neighbors have alpacas and the grandpa feeds the wild deer. Without a car it is not quite without with us, there is no public bus. The center of Reutte is 3.5km away. The next lake for it also only a stone's throw away and the hikes and bike tours start right outside the front door. Pure idyll - as they say in the jargon - if you ask David the teenager in the house, it is not always "the place to be".

sometimes pictures say
more than words
welcome to Tannenhof

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Wir sind gespannt auf eure Geschichten, geben gerne Tipps weiter, helfen wo wir können um einen unvergesslichen Urlaub zu ermöglichen. Kommen als Fremde, gehen als Freunde. Ein Slogan der nicht einfach zu erfüllen ist. Wir geben unser Bestes! Wir freuen uns darauf Dich kennen zu lernen. Thomas und Victoria 
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