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To experience the bike world is the other. When you watch a professional women's cycling team grow from the moment of its birth, you are automatically infected. The perfection, the passion, the fighting spirit, the victories and the defeats of the girls of the Ceratizit WNT PRO CYCLING Team captivate us again and again. They have conquered our hearts. When the girls are at the starting line, the clocks in the Tannenhof stand still. The team's headquarters are in Reutte, and the team sees us as their home away from home. There they sleep, drink to their victories and analyze when things haven't gone so well. So don't be surprised if girls in blue and red get on their bikes and come back hours later, they really were on their racing bikes for so long! Afterwards, they usually go to lift weights or stretch out in our fitness room.
Serviced, checked and found to be good. That is Thomas his job. We have in our rental mountain bikes, EBIKES as a low entry and as MTBs all from the company Cube. This year, a few gravel bikes come brand new to it.

The bikes are of course tested for safety, can be rented daily and are available for rent not only to our guests but also to all other friends of the region. The prices vary from 18 - 37 euros.
We do not carry children's bikes, unfortunately there is not enough space in the garage. For this reason, we also have no children's trailers. Our boys are already so big that unfortunately nothing is left from childhood days. Dog trailers can be rented from the organizers of Grenzenlos.
In our bike cellar you will find air pump and screwdriver as well as the common tools for all bike breakdowns. The washing place should be as environmentally friendly as possible. The rain barrel donates the water.
We deliberately do without a lot of water splashing around. If the bikes are really dirty, we have of course a hose for you. The bikes can be locked in the bike cellar, please also lock the bikes in the bike cellar.
The bike rental of the Tannenhof includes 15 EBIKES, a few normal MTBs and since this year also Gravelbikes. With our guide Christian a man who loves bikes is at your side. Appointments can be arranged by us with pleasure.

The third floor is crowned by the Cyclecafe Lounge. With CycleCafe we have entered into a connection that does not feel like a cooperation, much more like "family&friends".
The Meet&Greet before and after training is the coffee lounge, which will be open for all cycling highlights. Watch the Tour de France together and drink good coffee. The rest of the year, can be chilled here.
workout room
Since this year there is a fitness room in the Tannenhof. The Corona time has let us be creative and especially we also had to resort to indoor training on some days. We thought it was good and made room for 2 indoor cycling stations from Wahoo, yoga mats, TRX bands and a power bench.

you can use the room whenever you wish

With the yoga outfitter Lotuscraft we found a robust partner who equipped us with mats, blocks and pillows. TRX and Performbetter have done their part and we are proud of 2 Wahoostations for all matches among guests, friends and acquaintances.

They say there is no bad weather, only bad clothes. But in sub-zero temperatures, sleet and the like, training is no fun either. With a view of the Thaneller on the third floor, training is much easier.
So guys and gals come with your clubs on training week, take your yoga group on relaxation vacation. It is not a high altitude training camp, we are only at 850m altitude, but guaranteed you can train strength and endurance, power and regeneration.

our most beautiful
start infront of the hotel

26th of april

Sulztal und Feuerköpfle - gleich hinter dem Haus

1.12H / 14,4km/ 580hm

The after work tour or even the sunrise tour of many locals.

Vom Tannenhof Richtung Frauensee, am See vorbei und hoch hinauf Richtung Costarieskapelle, immer Rechts halten. Am Ende wird man belohnt mit dem Eintrag im Feuerköpfle Gipfelbuch.

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26th of april

Reutte – Vils – Pfronten- Tannheimertal

5.36H / 83km/ 790hm

Start directly from the Tannenhof in the direction of Vils, Wertach, Tanheimertal, Gaichtpass

Besuch im Allgäu – schon in Jugendjahren hat es Thomas immer ins Allgäu gezogen, hier konnte man am besten rollen und wer ist dein Stärkster Trainingspartner? Der Wind! Highlights auf der Tour das schönste Hochtal Europas. Einkehren würden wir im Hofbräuhaus in Tannheim oder auf ein Stück Kuchen im Klimbim.

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26th of april

Reutte – Rotlechtal – Fallerschein - Schwarzwasser

4.53H / 65,7km/ 960hm

Start direkt vom Tannenhof aus ab ins schöne Lechtal. Die Highlights auf der Strecke sind der Stausee, die Fahrt am Lech und natürlich das Panorama.

The best place to stop is at the restaurant of Philip's friend in Mitteregg, Gasthof Wechner.

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Dein Erlebnis in der schotterreichsten Region Tirols - für alle Details www.graveltirol.com 
When you think in terms of bikes, you develop ideas, events and have many visions. One we have finally implemented. The Gravelevent from the Tannenhof. 3 tours that lead through all 4 regions and that packed in a gravel experience called GRAVELKING.
If you make it in one day, you'll get your own number for eternity. The ideal challenge for mileage eaters and gravel junkies.
After the 3 day tour through the first Gravelarena of Tyrol you can say: " We have experienced and felt this region and not on the peaks of the Alps, but on the GRAVELBIKE.
Graveling is fascinating. It's not about the old familiar "Higher - Faster - Further". It's about gravel, mud and dirt, about the feeling around the community around the special bike experience. This is guaranteed with the GravelKING. You can register directly at the Tannenhof, the starter package is also available from us and the data are as usual on Komoot. 
tiroler lechtour
a get to know tour through the region
A second highlight in the region's cycling calendar is the Lechtour, and here too we were in charge. Meanwhile, the event is organized by the tourism association of the region. An unforgettable stamp tour through the Lech Valley. Here everyone can go to the start with any bike you can think of. Details can be found on the page https://www.tiroler-lech-tour.com We are of course at the start. You can usually find the girls from Ceratizit among the many participants. When they are not fighting for medals and placings.
All new in Tannenhof
We belong to the family of Cycle Cafes with this season. We are very happy about this partnership. In addition to an apartment dedicated to coffee and bikes, we have built a Cycle Cafe Lounge on the third floor. End the indoor training with a good coffee or the team meeting with the best cappuccino in cosy company. Cycle Cafe is a big name in the scene, but Tannenhof is far from it. We are grateful and find this cooperation infinitely exciting. Let's see what else emerges and comes!

A partnership that has turned into a friendship is the connection to the WNT CERATIZIT PRO CYCLING TEAM. Unbelievable how the team has grown, how it has worked its way up to Olympic medals, world championship titles and European champions. Dirk Baldinger and his team have done a good, actually sensational job. We proudly have the girls' jerseys hanging in our hallway as a hall of fame.

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Wir sind gespannt auf eure Geschichten, geben gerne Tipps weiter, helfen wo wir können um einen unvergesslichen Urlaub zu ermöglichen. Kommen als Fremde, gehen als Freunde. Ein Slogan der nicht einfach zu erfüllen ist. Wir geben unser Bestes! Wir freuen uns darauf Dich kennen zu lernen. Thomas und Victoria 
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