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Ambiente im Tannenhof in Reutte

the best out of two worlds

an original mix with a wink of happiness
There is no other way to explain it. If you marry a person with a passion that you yourself do not carry, 2 worlds collide. Today I can say that at Tannenhof we have brought together the best of both worlds.
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on your marks get set go off to the mountains

mountain all over, an impressive surrounding
Yes the beautiful old mountains. There are days when I see them and think to myself, yes, I know every single one of you since I was 7 years old. These are not many days a year, but they are the days when you miss the big wide world. The other 360 days of the year I am always impressed and in love with this splendor, this strength, this dominance.
We are truly embedded in the mountain worlds that have filled countless hiking guides. For us they are like a part of our identity, a part of our DNA. The locals can be as narrow as the valleys in their minds and on the other hand have a wide view like on the summits of the great ones. Sometimes like this, sometimes like that, depending on who you meet, who you encounter on your tour. You will hear many dialects, some sound more like the Allgäu, others more like the Swiss. You will have to be a little more experienced to identify them. They are all unique.

cycling - our passion

I married a bike and love every spoke on it.
Bicycle - how can you devote your life to cycling, until a few years ago incomprehensible, I can understand the passion today. It really is an exciting sport. Marry a man who loves bicycles is one thing...
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family and friends

bikes and much more
A lot revolves around the topic of bicycles at Tannenhof. But not everything. Even more, our guests are the center in Tannenhof. It is about fulfilling wishes and ideas. We want to be wish fulfillers. At Tannenhof, people who appreciate the peace and quietness, who consciously perceive nature and see quality time as the primary vacation goal will feel comfortable.

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Ladies club - women only

For women from a woman. Sometimes you really don't need men.

We did not found a womens club in Tannenhof. But lots of strong women like to stay in Tannenhof. Of course the professional cyclists are a figurehead for power. But all women belong in front of the curtain. When do we get a medal? - Mostly everything is taken for granted and mastered by women anyway, so come along and feel more than welcome in a home far away from home.
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culture at its best

you will find a lot of history around Tannenhof
Reutte is not a blank page in the history of Europe. In the Middle Ages, the customs on the Via Claudia Augusta were collected here. We would like to dive into the time of the knights, what would have been our passion there? The castle world Ehrenberg, has provided protection for a long time. Today, height enthusiasts make a pilgrimage up to the Highline179.
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News and stories
around the hotel
the mountains and the bikes

17. September 2021
E - Ladestation

Die Ladestation läuft! Wir waren uns nicht ganz sicher ob man so eine Ladestation bei uns im hintersten Winkel von der Naturparkregion braucht! Aber wir haben in den letzten Wochen bereits viele strahlende E - AUTO Fahrer und Fahrerinnen begrüßen können und alle waren happy, dass sie nicht mehr noch zur Tankstelle müssen. Wir sind gespannt wie viele es noch werden!

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4. August 2021
Olympiasiegerinnen und Weltrekord

Ich glaube wir müssen unser Bahnradzimmer umdekorieren 🙂 Das Frauen Quartett fährt in Tokio dreimal Weltrekord. Der deutsche Vierer fuhr wie entfesselt: Franziska Brauße (Eningen), Lisa Brennauer (Durach), Lisa Klein (Erfurt) und Mieke Kröger (Bielefeld) waren perfekt auf das Olympische Turnier eingestellt, fuhren in der Qualifikation in 4:07,307 Minuten einen neuen Weltrekord, den sie in der nächsten Runde noch einmal verbesserten auf 4:06,159 Minuten. Im Finale gegen Großbritannien lagen sie von Beginn an in Führung, rauschten perfekt über das Lattenoval und wurden in neuer Weltrekordzeit von 4:04,242 Minuten Olympiasiegerinnen.

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14. July 2021

Naturbiken - genüsslich mit dem Mountainbike oder mit dem Ebike Alpwege und Forstwege entdecken. Wir würden unser Gravelbike nehmen und die sensationelle Routenführung ergraveln. 5 Jahre haben verschiedene Gemeinden im Allgäu und bei uns getüftelt und jetzt stehen 22 Routen zur Verfügung. Das ist nicht alles 2 Hauptrouten mit jeweils knapp 200km gilt es zu entdecken. An alles wurde gedacht, An- und Abreise ist mit dem Zug möglich! Wir gratulieren den Hauptverantwortlichen und sind dankbar für das Durchhaltevermögen. Dank euch, können wir unsere Gäste auf viele neue Routen schicken, die ausgeschildert sind, zum Download bereit stehen und per QRcode leicht nachgefahren werden können.

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7. June 2021
The spa in Reutte is reopening!

Finally we are going back to jumping in pools and having fun
Even the saunas are reopening. Come along for a chill day!
Don't ferget, with the activ card you will receive 50 % reduction.

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We are eager to hear your stories, share tips, help where we can to make your vacation unforgettable. Come as strangers, go as friends. Not always easy, because time is always short even on vacation and there is a range you want to experience. We look forward to getting to know you.
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